The Databricks Lakehouse Platform is a unique data management solution that combines the strengths of data lakes and data warehouses, simplifying the modern data stack and providing reliable performance and strong governance. Built on open standards, it maximizes flexibility and enables more efficient operations and faster innovation.

The key benefits of the Databricks are: 

Multicloud – Databricks Lakehouse Platform offers a consistent management, security, and governance experience by running seamlessly on every major public cloud, tightly integrating with the native security, compute, storage, analytics, and AI services provided by each cloud provider. This level of agility enables you to leverage your preferred cloud provider, anytime and in any way you need. 

Simple – By adopting the unified approach of a lakehouse, you can simplify your data architecture and eliminate the data silos that have traditionally kept analytics, BI, data science, and machine learning separate.



This can help you avoid the complexity and cost that can hinder your ability to fully realise the potential of your analytics and AI projects. 

Open – Delta Lake serves as the foundation of the lakehouse, delivering both reliability and high performance directly on data within the data lake. This approach allows you to avoid proprietary systems, share data easily, and build a modern data stack with unrestricted access to the open-source ecosystem and the broad Databricks partner network. 

“We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Databricks, whose expertise in real-time data processing empowers organisations to make well-informed decisions. We can't wait to provide this further value to our customers.”
Kay Dobson Partner Manager

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