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Business Reporting & Analysis

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Business Analysis and Reporting

Business Analysis and Reporting enables organisations to significantly improve their understanding of their business performance and from that understanding make improvements.

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Common Metrics

Many of our Business Intelligence projects have started with customers wanting to have a reliable and effective presentation of their key business drivers.

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Mobile Information

Business management dashboards and key business process alerts are transforming how companies measure performance. Having access outside the office and mobile devices enhances that transformation.

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Data Warehousing

Enterprise data warehouse architectures and the analytical and machine intelligence software becoming available can provide organisations with an 'analytical workspace'.

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Business Analysis and Reporting Icon Business Analysis and Reporting

Business Analysis and Reporting enables organisations to significantly improve their understanding of their business performance and from that understanding make improvements.

For many companies data is growing fast: our services take your organisation’s data assets, both on- and off-premise, and makes it coherent and accessible. The emergence of “Big Data” makes this service more valuable than ever. We can help you with design, build and development – we can answer your hardware, cloudware and deployment questions too.

With common data definitions decision makers are dealing with factual information, spend less time debating the data, values and structures and more time making informed decisions. Importantly, the effect of those decisions can be monitored and verified.

By way of focused dashboards, timely reports and self-service analysis on key business drivers and metrics, all users who need to can see changes as and when they happen.

We will help you to define and/or deploy your application on- or off-premise and ensure that your architecture makes sure that everyone who needs access to information has it, wherever they may want it.

Featured Case Study: Great Rail Journeys

Common Metrics Icon Common Metrics

Much of the work that we do for our customers addresses a simple issue – how can stakeholders in an organisation be sure that they are all starting from a common understanding of their business performance? It is not unusual for colleagues to attend a meeting and find that there is more than one version of the “truth” and that much time is spent discussing which version, if any, is the truth. This situation is often caused by much business reporting being done by business users extracting data from source systems and producing reports in a spreadsheet.

Our services include defining common metrics, common business definitions, common dimensions, common facts and common data processes to ensure that everyone has access to common metrics wherever they may be in the organisation.

The presentation of metrics in both graphical and detail layouts with the ability to drill to lower and higher levels of detail is a key to understanding, improving and measuring business performance.

Featured Case Study: Farrow & Ball

" We can analyse the data however we wish, knowing that it’s a true representation. Reports can be run with instantaneous or next-day output, giving the sales team and other stakeholders the tools to do their job more effectively and responsively, and with total confidence in the figure."

Neil Spreadbury, Commercial Finance Manager

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Key business information is increasingly required when we are outside of the office. This can be in the form of Business Intelligence: key performance dashboards showing sales performance, production performance, marketing performance; reports showing summary information; automated alerts highlighting potential pinch points emerging. Many employees are now responsible for delegated decision making and they are more mobile than ever before; be that moving around a building to meetings or travelling to other company locations or to meet suppliers and customers and we all benefit greatly from being able to access key information using the appropriate device – be that a tablet, an iPad or a smart phone.

It isn’t just Business Intelligence information that we use. The increasing use of the Cloud for transactional applications and for our ‘day job’ information – Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, email and communication – Skype and screen sharing – all increase the need for, and benefits of, off-site access.

We have helped many of our customers with these requirements, indeed we have transformed our own business too.

Featured Case Study: HC-ONE

"The data that we now have is the gold standard for reporting and analysis. Our Chief Executive is at the forefront of the charge to widen the deployment throughout the organisation. "

Gary Carter, IT Director

Data Warehousing Icon Data Warehousing

We build enterprise data warehouses for many of our customers to provide a single window on their business management information and key performance indicators that are used by them as their trusted foundation for business decision making. The emergence of larger, higher velocity and perhaps more unstructured data sources from the Internet or from the Internet of Things has meant that our customers are also engaging us to deliver an extended logical data warehouse architecture to support the data analytics software that is now emerging. The end result is that organisations may have the benefit of a centralised data repository but can also have an architecture that allows for agile discovery and analysis work to test a new idea, assimilate new data sources or perform a new analysis.

This combination of enterprise and logical data warehouse architectures and the increasingly sophisticated analytical and machine intelligence software becoming available is giving organisations an ‘analytical workspace’ with the emphasis leaning more to discovery and analysis and less to data harmonisation and organisation – producing the speed of delivery and speed of deployment that our customers need.

We can provide solutions on- or off-premise and may recommend an appliance approach to reduce the time to delivery and a lower total cost of ownership.

Featured Case Study: Makro

"We wanted an equivalent data warehouse, but one that was much simpler, much better and easier to control and that’s what Simpson Associates delivered."

Dev Shah, Head of IT
Nick Evans
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Webinar – Why Migrate to IBM Planning Analytics?
Simpsons Associates Business Reporting & Analysis News

CHP selects Simpson Associates and Power BI for collaborative reporting across the business.

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“ At Great Rail Journeys we have a Monday tactical trading meeting ... the MIS system has had a profound impact on that meeting… everyone is now talking about the same data... the meetings are much shorter and the content is completely different because there used to be countless arguments around the room about what the data was really saying. That has gone. Now the only discussion is what do we do about it.”

Peter Liney, CEO Read Case Study
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"Before, if a report failed, we couldn’t recover until mid-day. Now we can spot things earlier, which means if we ever fail, we can start to recover immediately, so we’ve become far more efficient with our service delivery.”

Alex MacGregor-Devlin, IT Director Read Case Study
  • University of Leicester works alongside Simpson Associates to implement Azure SQL Data Warehouse and the Microsoft…
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