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Higher education is increasingly under pressure to improve the success of their students.

How can the Student Engagement Framework help your Higher Education institution?

Improve Student Excellence
Uses descriptive and predictive analytics to measure and monitor student performance.

Better Institutional Delivery
Aggregates multiple types of student data, such as attendance, VLE access and social factors.

Increased Institutional Insight
Enables institutions to gain better insight into their students’ needs and behaviours, whilst improving students’ academic experience.

What is the Student Engagement Framework? 

The Student Engagement Framework enables university personnel to gain better insight around student engagement, compare students against their cohorts and raise interventions.

Our framework really is a one stop shop for all your learner analytical needs. Every university is unique. Each have varied data sources, different rules to drive alerts, and a mix of stakeholders to consider. The Simpson Associates Student Engagement Framework delivers a proven architecture and approach to this critical issue.


Benefits and Deliverables

Proactively identify students needing additional support and provide them with the resources necessary to improve performance.

  • Improve student engagement
  • Manage interventions for students
  • Streamline student support services
  • Identify underperforming and at risk students
  • Improve student retention


Why Simpson Associates

Simpson Associates are a leading Data Analytics Consultancy and Managed Services Provider, specialising in data management and data performance for over 30 years; we help organisations get the most value out of their data in order to make better data-driven decisions. We’re a Microsoft Solutions Partner in Data & AI, Infrastructure, and Digital & App Innovation, with an Advanced Specialisation in Analytics on Azure.

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