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Discover the feasibility of migrating to the Azure Cloud and identify potential migration targets within your new Azure estate. 

What is the SQL Server Migration Assessment? 

The SQL Server Migration Assessment is an extensive evaluation of your existing SQL Server infrastructure’s suitability for migration to the Azure Cloud.  

This assessment evaluates the feasibility of migrating to Azure, including possibilities for Virtual Machines (VM’s) and Managed Instances, sizing and pricing, and potential supportability risks.  

The result of this assessment is a comprehensive report that provides you with a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in migrating some or all of your SQL Server Estate to Azure.  

The Assessment includes: 

Setup and configuration of our Database Migration Data Gathering Toolset

Monitoring of the Data Gathering Tool

Collection of the statistics and analysis

Benefits & Deliverables:  

The assessment report will cover:  

  • Environment Summary 

Breakdown of Operating Systems the SQL Servers sit on. This includes edition versions of the operating system and the number of servers and databases. This will help you understand where there is a risk, by outlining where there are immediately unsupported versions as well as ones that will cease to be supported in years.   

  • Lift and Shift to Azure VM’s Overview

We will provide monthly cost estimates for lifting and shifting the Estate to Azure VM’s, covering both Storage and Non-Production Environments. Additionally, we will compare costs for different options, such as As-Is workloads, workload right-sizing, PAYG, Reserved Instances, and Hybrid Benefit. This will help you understand the various cost models to leverage as much savings as possible based on commitment. We will also factor in storage, Azure Backup, and Azure Disaster Recovery costs. 

  • Migration to Azure Managed Instance

Using Hardware and Workload analysis and Azure Data Migration data we will describe which servers can be migrated to Azure Managed Instances.  

This will include:  

  • Outlining the costs for migration  
  • Operating System and SQL revisions
  • End of Life and near end of life version analysis
  • Existing Patch levels
  • SQL Backup analysis for RTO/RPO
  • Used and unsupported SQL Functionality

The Assessment Involves:  

  • Initiation meeting and agreement on Roles and Responsibilities and Pre-Requisites  
  • Setup and configuration of our Database Migration Data Gathering Toolset. This will look at the provided SQL Server list and capture information that we need to complete the readiness report  
  • Monitoring of the Data Gathering Tool as runs and re-configure if required  
  • Collection of the statistics and analysis  
  • Calculation of Pricing  
  • Completion of the Report  
  • Playback meeting 

Why Simpson Associates

Simpson Associates is a leading Data Analytics consultancy and Managed Service provider. A Microsoft Solutions Partner in Data & AI, our solutions help forward-thinking organisations make better data-driven decisions.  

With Simpson Associates’ experience and expertise, we can help you to deploy services on the Azure platform quickly and easily. 

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