With our extensive experience and knowledge in the local and regional government sector, we are familiar with the challenges local authorities face when it comes to supporting those in need, and gaining the funding to do so. To get Supporting Families insights and a view of which members of your community meet the refreshed criteria, and therefore who you can support, we can create a data solution specifically for your council’s needs.

This solution can enable you to:

  • Probabilistically match records between disparate systems, where there may not be any form of identification for the same record across databases.
  • Address data quality issues, meaning your data is clean and an accurate representation of your community.
  • Structure your data in a secure and scalable data warehouse or data lake, aligned and labelled to your needs.
  • Visualise your data in a Single View of a Child, Person, Household, or Family in Power BI to give you deeper insights and the ability to drill down into metrics that matter to you.
  • Automate processes that may currently be manual, addressing the risk of human error and allowing your resources to put their time and effort into more pressing matters.