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Using Azure for Data Analytics

Using Microsoft technologies such as Azure Infrastructure, Azure Database and Azure Data Warehouse alongside PowerBI, Simpson Associates can provide a scalable solution to drive business value out of your data.

Data is the most important asset for any organisation. To optimise the value of data you need to know your data and develop a strategy to exploit it. Building a modern data strategy encompasses a wide range of elements; structured line-of-business system data; web- and cloud-based data; unstructured data; device generated data (the IOT); together with the software and techniques to access, process, store, secure, organise and consume as meaningful business information.

Simpson Associates are a services consultancy who have been delivering new capabilities to organisations for over 25 years. As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Platform and Analytics and a Cloud Platform Partner, we help organisations across all sectors drive value from their data using the Microsoft data services.

Read more about our Azure for Data Analytics solution by downloading the resource below.