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FORECASTED – Integrated forecasting solution

‘FORECASTED’, an integrated forecasting solution powered by IBM and hosted in the cloud.

Forecast with Speed & Agility

Create a new forecast based on your actuals or a previous forecast or budget, quickly make changes using a bottom-up or top-down approach and see your new forecast ready within minutes not days.

WHY? – In today’s constantly changing environment, plans become redundant very quickly. Being able to respond to changes with changed plans is key. Being able to do it quickly and easily is the only way to keep in control in an ever-changing world.

Integrated Forecasting

Forecast your Profit & Loss and your Capital Expenditure, then immediately see the effects on your Balance Sheet and your Cashflow. Enter your real payments and receipts profiles and FORECASTED will model your cash position for you.

WHY? – Maximising profits, or minimising losses, are great aims, but rather pointless if you run out of money. Being able to explain what a change to your P&L means to your balance sheet is vital to keep that full 360o view of your organisation.

Manage your Performance

With all your information in one place, you can analyse your past performance, create new forecasts, and monitor your future performance as often as you need. With many standard reports already set up for you to use and the ability to set up new reports and dashboards as required, you will be control.

WHY? – A set of actuals figures needs context to be understood. How do they compare with last year, or against budget, or verses your current forecast? Once all of your information is available, you can choose which versions of that data you choose to give it the best context.

Explain Better

Using multiple graphics and dashboards to explain your forecasts better, you will be able to use waterfall graphs to show how you built your new forecasts, drill down into more detail from anywhere, see who is responsible for each part of the forecast and see a full audit trail to know who entered what.

Forecasts need to be easy to create AND easy to explain.

WHY? – Standing up in front of the board, trying to explain your new forecast, attempting to get senior executive buy-in and having all of the right information to hand, in the right format, is key to doing your job well. This is what FORECASTED helps you do.

FORECASTED. An integrated forecasting solution with a low monthly payment.

Up and running in 10 days.

Forecast with confidence. Forecast with accuracy. Forecast with agility.

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