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IBM Cognos Analytics

Drive smarter business decisions, faster

Gain fast, actionable insights to drive intelligent decisions and better business outcomes with IBM® Cognos® Analytics.

To improve performance and gain a competitive edge, decision-makers must be able to solve problems and seize new opportunities quickly. They need agile, intuitive analytics solutions that allow them to respond to changing conditions.

IBM Cognos Analytics offers all the answers you need, in one place. Infused with AI, IBM Cognos Analytics can help you pinpoint which processes are working and which should be improved, providing precious insights so you can make better, faster decisions that can literally change your bottom line.

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Uncover insights you didn’t even know to look for

One tiny insight can have a significant business impact. That is why IBM Cognos Analytics can be used to uncover hidden trends and drivers that you didn’t even know to look for.

Bringing together advanced analytics and data science, IBM Cognos Analytics can give your business that competitive advantage. Every visualisation in Explore comes with AI generated insights which are presented to you using language that is easy to understand, giving you the ability to unearth hidden trends and drivers that can be used to power your organisation forward.

A BI Solution that can do it all

Unlike many business intelligence solutions, IBM Cognos Analytics can do it all.

This all-inclusive solution can clean and join your data, plus it will deliver business insights and use AI to predict your future business outcomes.

IBM Cognos Analytics can:

Farrow and Ball testimonial

“We can analyse the data however we wish, knowing that it’s a true representation. Reports can be run with instantaneous or next-day output, giving the sales team and other stakeholders the tools to do their job more effectively and responsively, and with total confidence in the figure.”
Neil Spreadbury
Farrow & Ball

A safe place to make decisions with confidence

Today’s organisations need a platform that can satisfy all your BI needs – scalability, governance, security, and performance. Cognos Analytics delivers unmatched depth and breadth of analytic capabilities in a solution that grows with you, whilst offering you the assurance your data is trustworthy and protected.

Discover the best fit for your organisation

IBM Cognos Analytics is available on-premises, on Cloud or IBM Cloud Pak for your convenience. Talk to our experts to discover the best option for your organisation today.

BARC names IBM market leader in BI

In the 2020 BARC Score for Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms, the Business Application Resource Center named IBM a market leader.

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