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Microsoft Power BI: Crime Analysis Platform

Bring your business performance to life with Microsoft Power BI

Simpson Associates are a Microsoft Data Analytics partner with over 25 years’ experience in the data field.  

UK Police Forces can all benefit from visualising their data, it can identify trends, patterns and help to make informed decisions to improve performance. Using Power BI to map crimes year on year can help police forces manage demand planning when budgets and resources are tight.  

Crime Analysis Platform Demonstration 

In this Power BI demonstration, it shows how Power BI can make ease of crime analysis using the Yorkshire area as a case study.  

Power BI dashboard can provide a clear overview of your chosen data set, simplify, and speed up your decision making. The Crime Analysis platform can show you data from the major towns and cities in your chosen area.  

Power BI Crime Analysis Platform shows your data across several years also providing month by month breakdowns making it easy to hone into necessary key areas.  

The Crime Analysis Platform shows summaries of the following: 

The demonstration shows how Power BI can make for easy cross analysis of the different parameters allowing for quick and effective insights to be made. For example, it shows how a certain local authority has a sudden increase in a specific crime such as antisocial behaviour, it can also look deeper and show on a map where in the local authority these crimes are being committed. This can help local police forces to effectively use their resources to tackle a specific or reoccurring issue. In the report it is clear that antisocial behaviour is a large proportion of the crimes being committed in comparison of all other crime types.  

The demonstration of the Power BI dashboard provides an overview of how flexible the user can be when using the report. The different data parameters in the report can be used to drill down to produce extremely precise findings. Police forces using the Crime Analysis Power BI report can see a summary of total crimes committed and a crime trend for several years prior at a first glance.  

Do you have any questions about how Power BI could be used to provide deeper and more actionable insights? Call or Email Dave.