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Achieving Meaningful Student Success

Student retention has become a top priority among Higher Education administrators in recent years, particularly in light of the current economic climate. The benefits of even small increases in retention include enhanced reputation, lower recruitment costs, and the protection of tuition revenue for universities and colleges. While the value of raising retention rates is well understood, Higher Education institutions often struggle to advance the completion agenda on their campuses. In fact, despite the extensive press and research devoted to the topic, retention rates have remained relatively constant over the last fifty years (Mortenson, 2012).

In order to support broader student success, Jenzabar’s Student Success White Paper will examine best practices from effective retention initiatives and offer guidelines for administrators. Research conducted by Jenzabar has shown that effective programs generally include institution-specific definitions of student success, robust metrics and assessment methodologies to track progress over time, predictive modeling to identify factors that may place students at risk, effective alert systems coupled with timely interventions, and leadership support to drive campus-wide support and participation.

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