Predictive Forecasting for Boiler Maintenance Proof of Concept

Enabling social housing organisations to effectively forecast boiler maintenance requirements.

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Social Housing organisations need to react quickly and effectively to fixed asset repairs and maintenance, such as boiler repairs.

Simpson Associates’ Predictive Forecasting for Boiler Maintenance Proof of Concept (PoC) enables more efficient use of time and resources and can prevent more complex issues arising

What is Predictive Forecasting for Boiler Maintenance Proof of Concept? 

Social Housing organisations need to react quickly and effectively to boiler maintenance requirements. Many have the data available that could be used to predict how many reactive maintenance requests to expect through the year and even predict which type of boilers in certain types of properties are most likely to fail within a given time window. 

Unplanned, reactive maintenance can create a number of challenges, including difficulty with resourcing or more complex repairs.  

Implementing our Predictive Forecasting for Boiler Maintenance PoC, Simpson Associates can help social housing organisations to start to understand how they can use the data already available to enhance their service delivery and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.  

Using data science approaches and machine learning algorithms, these can be used to provide an ‘early warning sign’ at individual boiler level, turning unforeseen, reactive maintenance into known and planned maintenance.  

How else can it help Social Housing? 

Whilst this offering is focused on Boiler Maintenance, it can easily be adapted to be used for a whole host of fixed assets, including:

  • Tenant-related repairs 
  • Structural damage 
  • White goods and furnishings 
  • Damp and mould incidents 

Benefits & Deliverables

The Proof of Concept is designed to deliver the following benefits

Learn whether your organisation can use advanced data analytics to predicted reactive repairs for boilers

How and, why it works, and which of the predictive features had the greatest impact on forecasting accuracy

Actionable insights written and presented in a clear format, as derived through the analysis and modeling process 

High level recommendations for transforming the PoC model into a systemised working solution

Innovative initiative to demonstrate to wider internal stakeholders the potential value of using data in new ways.  

Service Deliverables:  

  • Workshop – To scope, design and plan your PoC  
  • Project design document – To establish a common understanding of your solution requirements and success criteria 
  • Raw Results – To enable your own analytics function to query and leverage granular results 
  • Written Report – To demonstrate the feasibility of using machine learning to solve your asset maintenance challenges and plan for productionisation  
  • Solution Evaluation Presentation – To discuss the potential applications of embedding the solution into your processes 

Why Simpson Associates

Simpson Associates are a leading Data Analytics Consultancy and Managed Services Provider, specialising in data management and data performance for over 30 years; we help organisations get the most value out of their data in order to make better data-driven decisions. We’re a Microsoft Solutions Partner in Data & AI, Infrastructure, and Digital & App Innovation, with an Advanced Specialisation in Analytics on Azure.

Next Steps

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