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Simpson Associates Power BI Audit logger

Gain insight into your Power BI reports, enabling you to focus your efforts on content that matters most to your organisation.

What is the Simpson Associates Power BI Audit Logger?

Are you leveraging the full potential of Power BI within your organisation? The Simpson Associates Audit Logger empowers you to see beyond the surface and gain valuable insights into how your users are interacting with Power BI reports.

This powerful tool captures, analyses, and retains your organisation’s Power BI activity logs, providing a holistic view of user behavior. Drill down to see which reports are most popular, identify your most active users, and understand how they’re consuming your reports. These insights allow you to optimise Power BI adoption, ensure users are accessing the most relevant information, and ultimately, derive greater value from your data investment.

Benefits of using the Simpson Associates Power BI Audit Logger:

Our certified Power BI experts ensure you get the most out of the Audit Logger, every step of the way.

You can be confident that your data is in safe hands. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we adhere to the highest standards of security & compliance.

Our team boasts extensive experience in data analytics & Microsoft Power BI. With an Advanced Specialisation in Data and BI, we possess the in-depth knowledge to optimise your Power BI environment effectively.

Focus on What Matters

Identify which reports are most popular and tailor content creation to user needs.

Boost Adoption & ROI

Monitor Power BI adoption across departments and ensure you’re maximising the value of your licenses.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Gain detailed audit trails, track user activity, and ensure data access adheres to regulations.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Optimise Power BI usage and content based on user behavior.

Our solution gives you more flexibility than the standard audit log usage reporting provided by Microsoft, allowing you to retain your Power BI audits for as long as you need, and giving you access directly to the data to analyse it in the way you want.:

Power BI Audit Logger deliverables: What you get

Track User Behavior

Gain a holistic overview of which reports and dashboards are being consumed.

Uncover Hidden Activity

Track and log reports and dashboards that have been deleted.

Full Transparency

See who and when reports and dashboards are created.

Track Data Movement

Gain insight of both downloads and exports of data.

Empower Secure Collaboration

Monitor and control the sharing of reports to ensure data security.

Audit Dataset Changes

View dataset credential and parameter changes.

Track Tenant Changes

Monitor Tenant setting updates for auditing purposes & security & optimisation.


The Power BI Audit logger will deliver a commissioned service with a bespoke design and governance framework.

The opportunity to bring together information and data onto a single data platform is revolutionary.

Kate ThackerDetective Chief Superintendent

Simpson Associates demonstrated that they were true experts in the field; within a few weeks they had a solid understanding of our business requirements and turned around an initial solution within an astonishingly quick timescale. From delivering the budget within a tight timeframe to supporting our learning and development, Simpson Associates has allowed us to become genuinely self-sufficient, sharing their knowledge and expertise at every step of our journey.

Gillian TroupGroup Financial Controller

Simpson Associates provided us with the expertise to see us through the design and the implementation phases and potential problems that we hit and got us through those. But they also understood our needs as a charity, the components that make up our data warehouse come partly from Microsoft, partly from other companies like Civica and Simpson Associates provided the glue to help us bring those together and get the best out of them.

Jon FoxAssociate Director of IT

Simpson Associates was dedicated to matching our brief, There was healthy debate of course but they always presented reasoned responses, or accommodated our wishes when needed. It’s a very flexible relationship and the synergy we’ve built is vital to the knowledge transfer process.

Neil Spreadbury Commercial Finance Officer

Why Simpson Associates can help customers on their Power BI journey as a Microsoft Partner

Simpson Associates is a Microsoft Partner with over 30 years of data experience. We have the expertise to help organisations get the most out of Microsoft technologies. We have a deep understanding of Microsoft Fabric and how it can be used to help organisations achieve their data goals.

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