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Optimising Data and Saving Lives: Achieving Compliance in UK Fire and Rescue

Leverage compliance with new data standards to unlock the full potential of your information and enhance operational efficiency.

Fire and rescue services across the UK are stepping up to protect communities with the power of data. 

New data management rules, implemented by the Fire Standards Board in August 2022, ensure that Fire and rescue services across the UK “deliver excellence to the public by maximising the value of good quality and reliable data.”

To guarantee your fire department is meeting this, you will need to leverage accurate and complete data, that fuels intelligent decision-making and contributes to your ability to save lives.  

However, you don’t need to elevate your data journey alone.  

Imagine a fire department where data guides every decision, saving precious lives and resources. That’s the power of data, and at Simpson Associates, we’re here to help you achieve it.

We stand alongside over a third of UK blue light organisations, including fire and rescue services. With our extensive experience and advanced data solutions, we empower fire departments to unlock the full potential of their information. Our data solutions provide you with precision and optimised response strategies for effective firefighting. 

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How we can empower your Fire Service

Struggling to make the most of your data? Our comprehensive Data Management Gap Analysis helps fire departments harness the potential of their data, enhancing operational efficiency and improving responsiveness. 

Our team will kickstart your journey by formalising a Data Strategy assessment tailored to your team and its needs. We’ll assess your current data practices against the core principles of the Data Management Fire Standard (data quality, accessibility, collaboration) to create a personalised roadmap for success. 

This roadmap for success will align to your data management practices with strategic objectives. Guiding you to unlock the true value of data: to anticipate, adapt and conquer the ever-evolving challenges of modern emergency services. 

After the assessment’s completion, several other assessments can be taken to gather further information on your organisation including data maturity and skill set. This ensures the solution is truly personalised to you and will allow you to close the gap between poor and successful data management.  

Our Fire Services Customers

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue
East Sussex Fire and Rescue
Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue
Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue
Fire Control North West

We have worked with these fire services to reduce risks and help them to make evidence-based decisions that elevate community safety.

To discuss how your Fire Service can boost your data game and comply with Fire Standards, booking a meeting with our team.

Our data and performance management solutions have enabled us to help forward-thinking organisations understand and resolve some of the most complex and common challenges.

By partnering with Simpson Associates, you gain access to cutting-edge data management technology, experienced guidance for fire rescue compliance, and ongoing support for long-term success. 

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Ready to harness the transformative potential of data?

Connect with our team of experts to discuss how data management can drive your UK Fire Services to new levels of safety and excellence

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