Modern Data Analytics Premium Assessment

Regardless of your current data landscape, the Modern Data Analytics Premium Assessment aims to support organisations to plan for the implementation of a modern and fit-for-purpose Data Platform.

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Perfect for an organisation not currently cloud enabled, having challenges with their current analytics platform, or who don’t have a data platform in place. The Modern Data Analytics Premium Assessment helps businesses to define a data modernisation roadmap – helping you to get the most out of your data.

What is the Modern Data Analytics Premium Assessment? 

Do you find yourself with multiple versions of the truth? Relying on manually created reports? Spending excessive time and effort on manual data processing? Alternatively, is your current data solution slow or inefficient, and not keeping up with user demand?

It can be hard to break the cycle with inadequacies like these, but with the Modern Data Analytics Premium Assessment, the path will become much clearer. It will enable you to understand best practices around developing a data platform, and appreciate the art of the possible.

Through a detailed assessment of strategic objectives, technical requirements, processes and capabilities, we can help define the current state of your data, as well as a strategy for your data modernisation and a roadmap on how to get there. Throughout this assessment, we will focus on your corporate goals, alongside cloud technologies, to ensure the roadmap you receive fits your business purposes.

“The value Simpson Associates brought to Suffolk County Council through their Modern Data Analytics Assessment was critical to enabling us to move forward with our plans at pace. They really listened to us. Often echoing our ideas, but also challenging us when the need arose, their expertise and experience in all things data helped shape our data transformation journey.”

Deborah Lanagan IT Product Manager – Adult & Community Services and Public Health & Communities

By modernising your data, your business can benefit from:

Better data management and improved governance

Quicker access to information and reporting

Gaining a clear vision of the future state of your data

Ability to focus more on corporate goals

Removal of manual data process to increase efficiency

Improved data that you can trust!

Benefits & Deliverables

Over the course of 2-3 weeks, eight workshops will be facilitated, covering a range of data assessments, including a Data Maturity Assessment. These assessments will provide an objective view of your current data landscape, including technologies, processes and maturity. We’ll take a look at the current state of your data, define your future ideal state, and as a result, you’ll get a roadmap with recommendations on how to modernise your data, with a focus on cloud technologies.

Throughout this process, you’ll have access to advice from our Azure data cloud adoption specialists, who work with the technology on a daily basis. You can be sure that the guidance you receive will guarantee success of your cloud migration.

This high-level technical blueprint for your Azure and Power BI data platform can then be the basis of your data cloud migration, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working efficiently towards the same goal – a fit-for-purpose data platform.

Why Simpson Associates

  • With our Microsoft expertise together with our technical and business expertise, we can understand your current data landscape and any challenges you may be facing to define a roadmap that is perfectly aligned to your organisation.
  • Receive an objective assessment of your current data landscape, technologies, processes and maturity.
  • Benefit from clear recommendations to facilitate a successful and controlled data cloud migration.
  • Receive a high-level technical blueprint for your Azure and/or Power BI Platform.

Next Steps

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