Hook Line and Sinker


Nearly 40% of UK businesses identified at least one cyber-attack on their operations in the last 12 months, costing the UK over £2.5 billion in 2021. But why is it that over 90% of successful cyber-attacks can be traced back to something as simple as an email?

Bleam’s ‘Hook Line and Sinker’ webinar will be answering this question and exploring the No.1 attacked threat vector for businesses- email communications. Our cyber security experts will also be carrying out and dissecting a live phishing attack commonly used by phishing gangs, in order to highlight their tactics and techniques. Attendees will gain insight into email based cyber-attacks, why they’re so successful and how they can bolster their email security to defend against them.

The Hook Line and Sinker webinar will cover:

  • The current email threat landscape
  • What email attacks are being used?
  • What are the potential impacts?
  • An insight into phishing gangs
  • Why are current email defences not working?
  • A demonstration and dissection of a live phishing attack
  • How to increase your email security


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