Increasingly we are working away from the office, working on more documents, attending more meetings. Outlook sits at the heart of most of our working days and is packed with features and functions that help bring our working day together but few of us know they exist. The Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) session is an opportunity to get your hands on:-

Outlook – Unclutter your Inbox, connect your email and calendar, directly connect with your colleagues by voice call or instant messaging (Lync) without leaving Outlook.
Office – Work with your colleagues on single, shared and secure Office documents anywhere, anytime on any PC, tablet or phone.
Social – Share documents, insights and information with colleagues and let Delve help you find the information that you need.
Control – Learn how to keep your organization safe by protecting sensitive information and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Additionally, every Office 365 user gets 1Tb of document storage, 25Gb of email storage and can use up to five devices; all potential savings on server and infrastructure costs

Find out more about the CIE and Office 365 by downloading our CIE Data sheet here.


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