Course Content

This course will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the functionality available in Microsoft Excel 2013 and complimentary products. This instructor-led course shows participants analysis techniques using Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services’ cubes and ways of enhancing, customizing and managing information. Attendees will participate in hands-on demos and workshops that illustrate key concepts, whilst learning how to use the product.

Course Modules

1: Introduction

In this session we will explore Microsoft’s vision for Business Intelligence and aim to familiarise users with Microsoft Excel 2013, complimentary products and terminology, topics include:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).
  • Cubes:
  • Measures;
  • Dimensions;
  • Hierarchies;
  • Members;
  • Sets;
  • Perspectives;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

2: Connecting to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services’ Databases

In this session we will look at connecting to an Analysis Services’ database to retrieve data for analysis in Microsoft Excel 2013.

3: Analysing Cubes in Microsoft Excel 2013

In this session we will concentrate on manipulating the data retrieved and describe how to create and work with pivot tables and charts, filter data and view data both on and offline, topics include:

  • Creating pivot tables.
  • Creating pivot charts.
  • Stored Procedures.
  • Adding hierarchies.
  • Adding calculated sets.
  • Viewing KPIs.
  • Adding and configuring slicers.
  • Browsing data offline.

4: Presenting Information

In this session we will discuss the various ways in which data can be displayed for presentation purposes, topics include:

  • Creating graphs.
  • Adding and configuring Sparklines.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Icon sets.

5: Publishing Microsoft Excel 2013 Workbooks to Microsoft SharePoint 2013

In this session we will look at collaborative working and publishing Microsoft Excel 2013 workbooks to Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

6: Enhancing Basic Reports

In this session we will look at creating, testing, exploring and managing data mining models with data in a spreadsheet, using the SQL Server Data Mining Add-in for Microsoft Excel 2013.

“A wonderful course the trainer was amazing at answering any queries. She was extremely helpful and I would definitely recommend it.”

Priyanka Patel
Student Systems Development Office, University of Sussex

Who should attend?

This course is intended for business and technical users who wish to analyse data using Microsoft Excel 2013.


  • Experience of analysing data using Microsoft Excel 2013 or earlier.


One day


Simpson Associates Customer Centre/ Customer Location


*Cost is subject to courses being run in our Azure environment. Preconfigured laptops are available for £350.

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