I have lost count of the amount of occasions we see clients in a pickle due to a corrupt Content Store database. On many instances the only option is to revert to a working backup of the Content Store. However, IT may not have a database backup or the restored backup still causes issues! Our next question in this scenario is always, “Do you have a Content Store export taken from IBM Cognos Connection?”.

One sure-fire way to ensure you always have a fall-back position is to schedule Content Store backups to run daily via IBM Cognos Connection. An Entire Content Store backup exports all Cognos content to a zip file which is stored on a file system. Therefore no matter what happens to your Content Store database you have a complete backup of all IBM Cognos Connection objects. Find below steps to set up and schedule daily Content Store backups via IBM Cognos Connection:


1. Open IBM Cognos Connection, go to Administration>Configuration>Content Administration

2. Next select the New Export icon and give the export a name and select Next

3. Now choose ‘Select the entire Content Store’ and ‘include user information’

4. Confirm the name of the export, Select ‘Next’ and give the export a password. Make a note of the password!

5. Now save and schedule the Content Store export to run on a daily basis

You now have an automated daily back up of all IBM Cognos Connection content!

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