Recently we’ve encountered issues with Cognos Express whereby the CXMD (TM1) service stops almost immediately after starting.

No error messages are presented except the Express Manager page indicates something is wrong, with other components complaining that Manager is in an unhealthy state, despite it being ‘Running’ in services.msc:

Cognos Express_1

In order to troubleshoot this the following method should be used:

Instead of starting the CXMD service from services.msc, open a command prompt (as administrator) and run the following command (amended for your installation path if necessary):

“C:Program FilesIBMCognos Expressbin64tm1s.exe” -z “C:Program FilesIBMCognos ExpressXceleratorCustomTM1DataCXMD”

You may well be presented with the following warnings/errors:

Cognos Express_3
Cognos Express_2

It’s now apparent that the cause of the issue lies with the tm1s.log file – to remedy this, simply rename/move/delete the file from (default) C:Program FilesIBMCognos Expresslogsexpress

The service should now start and Manager should return to a healthy state.

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