Future Proof your Planning with Integrated Forecasting


Do you worry that your planning spreadsheets will let you down?

Join our webinar and discover how to equip your organisation with the tools to thrive and succeed in time of uncertainty.

Are you worried that there may be a few formulae that haven’t been updated? Worried that a few cells have been over-written or that others have changed a few numbers without you knowing. Is the modelling correct, and does it reflect the real situation in your organisation now, not how it was in 2019?

Join our webinar on the 17th June and we will show you how to forecast with speed, agility, accuracy and clarity to negotiate this unprecedented situation.

During the webinar, we will take you through the following capabilities and discuss why they are so important to have in your planning and forecasting kitbag:


We’ll show you how easy it is to quickly amend plans as laws and guidance change. Quickly copy the last version of the plan to a new version then request colleagues start updating the plan within minutes and bring in actuals data at the click of a mouse.


Include your colleagues in the forecasting process – or plan centrally. Instant consolidation of forecasts and you choose whether to do top-down or bottom-up planning, or a mixture of both.


Discover a forecasting tool that can link your P&L Forecasts to your Balance Sheet and Cashflow forecasts. Base your forecasts on your actuals, previous forecasts or budgets, whichever is more relevant.


See how clearly differentiating Covid changes will give you transparent presentations, enabling you to explain your forecasts more easily. Keeping one version of the truth and controlling your versions so the whole company is on the same page.

We will take you through our latest planning and forecasting tool, FORECASTED. Powered by IBM Planning Analytics, it is an affordable, cloud-based planning solution that will enable you to ditch those huge cumbersome spreadsheets and start planning and forecasting with clarity, with accuracy, with agility and at great speed.

Join Simpson Associates as we show you how in just 10 days, you could be planning with confidence.

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  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Thursday 17th June 2021

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