Our HE clients are telling us they need an engagement solution that combines data access, student engagement and predicted outcomes, allowing tutors and support staff to communicate with each other, to agree on appropriate student interventions and then to monitor implementation and results.

However, just having access to ad-hoc data sets just is not enough as often you have:-

  • Finite resources in place to meet the needs of your whole student community.
  • Little or no  ‘sentiment’ data inputs; and therefore no narrative to identify why a student may be at risk in order to shape interventions.

If you want to know how a student will perform, every bit of information is important. Grades tend to be the highest predictors of past performance, standardised tests add some help, but adding non-cognitive inputs gives so much more information to complete the picture for every individual.

Join us in this 3-part webinar series as we demonstrate how Institutions can improve Student Engagement and Success. In the first, we will demonstrate how you can capture non-cognitive factors with a student success survey tool. Grades, course placements, exam scores, and other traditional “qualitative” data only give you part of your student retention picture.

Research suggests that positive student outcomes correlate highly with a series of “soft” factors around student behaviours and attitudes. A student success survey uncovers these non-cognitive factors that can collectively increase the accuracy of your performance and persistence predictions by as much as 30 – 40%

If this matches your current challenges, then watch the first of our 3 part webinar above.

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