Improve patient care with a Modern Data Platform

Migrate Your Legacy Healthcare Systems to On-Premises or Cloud with Simpson Associates

Many healthcare organisations still use outdated, on-premises applications that slow productivity, are usually expensive to maintain and suffer from poor performance. As a result, healthcare workers may spend a significant amount of time on troubleshooting and workarounds. Old, unpatched or neglected systems can lead to staff burnout and patient safety risks.

Reliable data is essential for making informed decisions in healthcare. However, outdated applications can make it difficult to access and aggregate data leading to less informed decisions being made and missed opportunities for improvement.

From the initial data strategy to providing a managed service for on-premises or your cloud application, Simpson Associates can assist you in migrating your legacy systems to the cloud.

Key benefits of moving into the cloud

Structured data

Easy access to historical data, which can be used for data mining, data visualisation, and reporting.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Assess each server to identify functionality that could impact database performance when moving to the cloud, enabling you to plan and prioritise.

Time-savvy performance

Reducing query times when gathering data and processing analytics, which is critical for providing timely care and reducing wait times for patients.

Managing Costs

The ability to pause or stop various service, or even reduce the size of the server on non-peak periods, can help manage and predict costs.

Latest software features

Benefiting from the latest functionality included in software.

Security and Compliance

Robust security measures, including data encryption, access controls, and audit trails, to ensure compliance with data protection laws.

Reliability and predictability

In-build fault tolerance mechanisms that deals with failures with little or no impact on the users.


Modern databases are designed to scale easily, ensuring that healthcare providers can accommodate future data growth without disruptions.

NHS Customers

“Engaging with Simpson Associates to carry out a Data Analytics Solution Assessment laid the foundation towards a business case for St Andrew’s Data Modernisation journey – a key objective of which is to increase capability to complete prescriptive & predictive analytics, with the ultimate goal of achieving a significant step change to the care of our patients.”

Murtz Daud
Chief Data Officer, St Andrew’s Healthcare

Deliver: Our end-to-end approach

Our approach to service delivery is consultative, collaborative and structured to ensure quality.


Working with you to understand your situation, challenges and data requirements.


Conduct structured and transparent onboarding, including definitions of governance mechanisms.


Create foundational cloud-based services to centralise, store and protect data assets.


Build data processes to move data from source systems into a platform and apply controls.


Develop user-facing reports, apps and tools to generate insights and realise value from data.


Provide advice, training and capability to enable users to leverage data for decision-making.


Support technical solutions and business functions to ensure long-term sustainability.

Simpson Associates can help you with all aspects of your data journey, starting from developing your initial data strategy to providing a managed service for your cloud applications. In turn, this can lead to cost reduction and improved uptime for your organisation.

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