Unified Institutional Planning with IBM Planning and Analytics


Many Universities, and indeed commercial companies, have Financial Planning Processes that are reliant on a plethora of linked Excel Sheets that are prone to the broken link errors, high maintenance requirements and complex dependencies that make it so difficult to provide the agile scenario planning capabilities that many universities require.

This half day event will show a complete and iterative University planning process starting with the entry of expected students broken down by student type, course, fee ranges and disciplines. These numbers will then flow into a University Profit and Loss model that projects the associated fees over a multi-year timescale. The presentation will show how this planning process can extend to Resource Planning and conclude with Reporting and Analysis over all these areas.

The universities that we are working with are telling us they need this type of connected process because they need to see the impact of student numbers across many areas sooner, with the integrated analytics so they can make longer term decisions quickly, and with maximum confidence.

If this matches your current challenges, then join us for this live webinar.

“Our recent investments in IBM Cognos TM1 have provided us with an integrated 5 year planning process which allows us to combine devolved and detailed bottom up budgeting and planning, with University level performance analysis. Decision making is supported by the ability to model the impact of different scenarios”

Sue Reader, Corporate Finance & Planning Manager, Nottingham Trent University

Watch our video case study to see how Nottingham Trent University have benefited from a Unified Planning approach.


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