Keeping your data solutions running smoothly – backups and availability


From keeping the fuel tank full to replacing worn down parts, it’s common knowledge that cars need maintenance to keep them working; so why wouldn’t the same be true for your data solution?  

Instead of waiting until you’re stalled on the metaphorical side of the road, take the steps to prevent the possibility of that even happening.  

Data Solutions, like cars, should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure your business gets to where it needs to go!

In the days of the cloud, it’s all too easy to assume that cloud data is backed up and available. “It’s in the cloud, of course it’s backed up!” Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and we want to spend a bit of time talking about different approaches to ensuring availability, implementing a robust backup strategy, and understanding how that ties in with disaster recovery strategies. 

Join our very own Andrew Edge, Data and AI Solution Lead, and Andrew Hill, Managed Services and Support Manager, for part one of our webinar series: Keeping your data solutions running smoothly – backups and availability at 11.00 am on Thursday 7th July 2022. During the session, we will talk through the steps your business should be taking to ensure your data solution stays in a roadworthy condition so you can depend on your data solution to drive your business forward. 


  • An introduction to Simpson Associates 
  • Keeping your data solution running smoothly 
  • Availability vs backups vs Disaster Recovery – what’s the difference 
  • Building for availability 
  • Planning a backup solution 
  • Tying in Disaster Recovery 
  • Q&A 


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