Error when trying change the format of a data Item (HAL Error – rs_fm_dta_frmt_props_en.xml)

In report studio when you try to change the format of a data item either by using the Properties pane and selecting Data Format or selecting the data Item in the List or Crosstab and right-clicking and select Style and Data Format. You receive this error message, and your report seems to hang.

HAL Error

To resolve this error you need to locate the following file rs_fm_dta_frmt_props_en.xml in this location
C:Program Files (x86)IBMCognos Express ClientsFramework Managermsgsdk

Then copy and paste it to C:IBMCognos Expresswebappsp2pddocumentation

The services do not need to be restarted and next time you try changing the format all should work correctly.

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