A useful feature for importing an existing Contributor Application within the Cognos Planning Contributor Administration Console, if you haven’t taken a deployment using the export wizard is the ‘Link to Existing Applications’ option. This is available when right clicking on the applications root underneath the datastore.


Providing that you are importing the application back into the Planning Administration Domain (PAD) where that application was created from, the application will be imported and appear as it was before being removed.

However, what if you want to restore a model from a different PAD into a new one? Let’s say if you tried to import an application from your old Cognos Planning environment which has been upgraded and therefore decommissioned, you will find that you run into the below error message:


Each model is linked to a specific Planning Application Domain and will remain attached to that environment even when the environment is decommissioned. When an application is removed from the Contributor Administration Console by right clicking on the application and then selecting ‘remove application’, the link to the PAD is removed. However, in this scenario we don’t have access to the old Cognos environment and the application wasn’t removed from the old PAD. Don’t fret though; there is a way to get past this!

The PAD which the application is a member of is referenced over 3 records within the ‘adminoption’ table of the Contributor Application datastore and therefore these references can be removed within the underlying database. In return, this will remove the link from the application to the previous PAD.

To remove the reference to the existing PAD, you need to have access to the SQL Server which hosts the Contributor Application databases (this will be the database which is referenced under the datastores section within Contributor Adminstration Console) and be logged into the database engine via SQL Server Management Studio. Ensure that you take a backup of the database in question before you carry out the following steps.


1. Find the database for the Contributor Application which you are trying to link to and expand this, expand ‘tables’ and then right click on the ‘dbo.adminoption’ table and select ‘open table’.


2. On the ‘dbo.adminoption’ table which opens, find 3 records under the ‘optionid’ attribute called ‘PAD_GUID’, ‘PAD_NAME’ and ‘PAD_NAMESPACE’. Each of these 3 records will have entries under the ‘optionvalue’ attribute. Each of these entries under ‘optionvalue’ only, need to be deleted for these 3 fields to be left blank. Please note: you must leave all other record entries as they are.




3. Save these changes


These actions could of course be carried out on a restored application database, from a SQL Server backup job.

Once these actions have been carried out, you can now link to an existing application. These actions could also assist in DR situation where a Cognos environment needs to be recovered.

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