This month Microsoft are delivering a number of great capabilities. They are introducing Quick measures, which is a huge update to the Quick Calculation experience. They have some very exciting updates in both data connectivity and query editing, including allowing you to connect to datasets on the Power BI service, so you can create your model just once and use it in multiple reports. Lastly, Microsoft have also announced an innovative new way to add columns in your query editor. Find out more about the latest releases in our round-up below.

Connecting to datasets in the Power BI service from Desktop

In the April update of Power BI Desktop, Microsoft released the ability to connect to datasets in the Power BI service. This feature allows you to create new reports off existing datasets which you have already published to the cloud. You can leverage this feature to better collaborate and reduce duplicate efforts across your team. Find out more here

Quick Measures Preview

Quick measures, a new feature Microsoft released in the April Power BI Desktop update, lets you quickly create new measures based on the measures and numerical columns in your table. These new measures become part of your model and can be used in any of your charts, just like manually created DAX calculations. You can also see the underlying DAX, and edit it if you need to tweak the results. Find out more about how you can use Quick measures here

Query editing – Add column by example

This month Microsoft have added a new smart data exploration capability to the Query Editor that learns from your examples. Based on your examples of the desired output, Power BI will detect the transformations required and create a new column.

This is an innovative approach to defining query steps within the Query Editor that simplifies the process for beginners as they no longer need to come up with “a strategy” for how to transform or extract data from other columns, or how to define those transformations in the Query Editor.

Watch this feature in action in the following video:

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