Earlier this year whilst installing Cognos Planning 10.1.1, I uncovered a fairly major bug (or “known issue” as IBM like to call them).

The environment consisted of a single Windows 2008 Cognos Planning server and a SQL Server 2008 SQL Server Content and Planning store. As usual I installed the Cognos Planning server, administration and client components, configured IIS, configured and successfully tested Cognos Configuration. The services started cleanly and created the basic BI Content Store database tables.

So far, so good.

Next, I opened Analyst to create the Planning tables in the Content Store database and – instead of the prompt to ask me whether I want to do this now or script it later – I received the following error:

There was a problem logging on. Please ensure you can access IBM Cognos Connection using the Gateway URI specified in IBM Cognos Configuration.

So usually this means it is a simple check that we can access the gateway URI specified in Cognos Connection. However, this was valid. So, I confirmed the following:

1. I can access the Gateway URI

2. The Gateway URI is added to the IE safe sites

3. DEP is turned off on the server

4. No firewall

5. No Anti-Virus

6. PlanningErrorLog doesn’t give any information

7. The ‘cognos’ SQL Server user is a sysadmin in SQL Server

8. I am logged on to the server as a local administrator

At this point I suspected I had run into a bug, so I logged the problem with IBM.

To cut a very long story short, I assisted IBM in identifying this as bug reference COGCQ00656562 / PM57807. The bug is with the installation wizard which incorrectly changes the installation order.

The problem will be addressed and fixed in the next major release, but for the time being here is the workaround:

  1. When running the ISSETUP.exe installation executable for the first time you will see the following component options:

2. At this point just select the Planning Admin components as below:

3. Run through the installation as if you were just running a normal Admin install

4. Once completed select ‘Finish’ and reboot the server

5. Once the server has restarted, go to the ISSETUP.exe installation executable again and now select the ‘Planning Server’ components:

6. Install as normal and then configure the environment

7. Now when you open Analyst or Contributor Administration Console, Cognos functions correctly and creates the P_ tables in the Content Store database correctly

A very strange but effective workaround, to a very frustrating installation problem.

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