Following a recent support call I found a nice way of changing the overall look and feel of a Cognos 8 report that has been imported into a Cognos 10 environment.

When I looked at the XML of a new (blank) report in Report Studio 10 I noticed a new variable in the report header tag: useStyleVersion=”10″ (as shown below):-

A fairly obvious logical deduction followed, and I noted that in the imported Cognos 8 report the XML displayed thus:-

Surprise surprise, no useStyleVersion value to be found. With this in mind, a simple solution followed.

First, open the existing Cognos 8 imported report and ‘Copy Report to Clipboard’:-

Second, paste (CTRL+V) into a preferred text editor (in this case Notepad++):-

As shown above, insert useStyleVersion=”10″ into the <report> tag (on the first line).

Then, select all text (CTRL+A) and copy (CTRL+C).

Open a New -> Blank report in Report Studio 10, then ‘Open Report from Clipboard’:-

Et voila. Now you should have retained your Cognos 8 imported report in your Cognos 10 environment, but with the new Cognos 10 ‘look ‘n’ feel’.

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