I have recently been working with a client to implement a corporate style/theme incorporating their company’s logo, which will be displayed across the client’s Cognos Connection.

After we successfully implemented the style, it would usually be the case that the individual users would need to select this new style within the ‘My Preferences’ section in Cognos Connection, before they could see it. However, our client needed their corporate style to be displayed as soon as any user logs into Cognos Connection.

So how do we achieve this?

Each user in Cognos is assigned a user profile the first time that they login to Cognos Connection and this profile is pulled down from a default profile. The user profile contains user personalised settings such as Cognos Connection styling, my folder/public folder display layouts etc. So what we need to do is configure the default profile with any specific display layouts or styling which we want all users to see.

1. You need to be logged into IBM Cognos Connection as a user with Administrator rights. Within Cognos Connection, select ‘IBM Cognos Administration’ from the Launch menu.

2. At the IBM Cognos Administration page, select the ‘Security’ tab. Then select the ‘Cognos’ namespace directory.

3. In the top right hand corner of the next page, click the ‘edit default user profile’ icon which is to the left of the search magnifying glass icon.

4. At the set properties page, you can edit different appearance factors such as the default style and folder layout under each of the four tabs. Once you have made the required changes, click on the OK button at the bottom of the page.

5. The next time that users login to Cognos Connection, they will see the preferences which you have set as default.

For any users who have logged into Cognos Connection previously, you will need to delete their existing Cognos user profile before the default profile can be picked up with the new settings, but please be aware that the user in question will lose any of their previously configured preferences.  If this action needs to be performed, do the following:

1. Whilst staying within IBM Cognos Administration, select your companies namespace directory under the ‘Security’ tab.

2. Search for the relevant user who needs to have their profile deleted.

3. To the far right of the user, click on the ‘More….’ option.

4. At the next page, select the option titled ‘Delete this user’s profile’ and click on OK to the message which appears.

5. Ask the user to login to Cognos Connection again and they should find that the default preferences are applied.

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