We were guest speakers at the Housing Association “IT in Housing Conference 2016”

Our CTO, Giles Horwood discusses the Internet of Things at the Housing Association "IT in Housing Conference 2016"

Giles Horwood our Chief Technology Officer was a guest speaker at the Housing Association “IT in Housing Conference 2016”, discussing the Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential impact on Housing Associations. We take a look at the IoT and its potential for the housing sector below.

The Internet of Things – How could it transform social housing

The IoT is creating dozens of opportunities to make buildings safer, more energy efficient and more comfortable. From smart boiler that alert you to high levels of carbon monoxide to humidity sensors that detect when a house is experiencing damp, appliances are getting smarter and the potential to improve living conditions and efficiencies is significant.

Perhaps the most obvious and every-day case for the IoT in housing is maintenance. We hear from many in the sector that asset management and maintenance is one of the largest areas of expenditure. The IoT has the potential to make this process more efficient for associations and more convenient for residents. With access to up to date information on the condition of properties and how installed appliances are performing, housing organisations can identify which areas are working well and which are not. As an example, performance data streamed from a Smart Boiler means that maintenance required can be predicted and scheduled before a fault occurs; avoiding both inconvenience and more costly repairs.

Whilst the potential of the IoT is huge, many housing organisations don’t yet have the infrastructure and/or applications in place to process the high volumes of data being produced; indeed, much of the data currently being generated is unused. Microsoft Gold Analytics and Data Platform partner, Simpson Associates, can work with you to put this infrastructure in place, either On-premise, or in the Cloud or as a hybrid solution and can provide the analysis to inform your decision making. Find out more about our Microsoft BI Consultancy Services here or contact us to discuss your current requirements and book a demonstration.

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