BOARD Empowers Business Users with Self-Service Data Modeling and Loading

New “Data Fast Track” function enhances end-users independence from IT, without compromising enterprise data governance

BOARD International, have today announced the release of “Data Fast Track,” a new BOARD function for automatic data discovery, modeling, mash-up and upload.

In plain English, the BOARD Data Fast Track allows all BOARD PowerUsers to access one or more datasets (for example, an Excel or a CSV file) and then create an ‘on-the-fly’ BOARD model within which data can be analysed immediately. It is a straight forward process to create calculations and derive additional columns. The analysis of this information is done using the familiar BOARD interface.

At this point the model is entirely personal but it can be promoted to enterprise level if required, thereby maintaining full control over the information being deployed.

"The addition of the Data Fast Track function to BOARD allows PowerUsers to analyse non-core data in a far more efficient manner. In our experience much of this type of analysis is explorative and this function strongly supports curiosity and subsequent discovery. The fact that this is done in an environment in which IT still maintains full control offers many benefits at minimal risk."

Mark White, Managing Director, Simpson Associates Back to news
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